About Bowery

BoweryLLC_Slider_mainBowery Apparel LLC is an apparel design and manufacturing company located in Miami, Florida. We specialize in services from developing full package private label programs for major retailers and other notable brands. In addition, we own and license the brands “Bowery Supply Co.” and “Mr. Chips Clothing.” Since 2001, our team has provided our clients with great service and unparalleled attention to detail in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Bowery’s mission will always be to provide its customers reliable trend forecasting, competitive pricing, garment sourcing and complete packaging. Our state of the art facilities are compliant with the highest industry standards. Our team is experienced in all shipping and EDI requirements. We are recognized in the industry for our “speed to market” business model, quality standards and on time deliveries.


Our Factories

Bowery Apparel regularly inspects our factories to ensure a safe work environment that is in compliance with all local and national laws and regulations. Our factories consistently pass audits by many of the strictest Fortune 500 companies.

Bowery works only with factories that share our commitment to manufacturing quality products and providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. We make sure each factory meets all legal, wage, child labor, overtime, health, safety and environmental standards required by the country of manufacture. Factory visits throughout the year ensure compliance to our high standards for product quality and code of conduct.

15,000 Sq. Ft. of Printing Area.
25,000 Sq. Ft. of Storage, Receiving, Shipping, Packing Area with room for expansion.
Four loading docks capable of receiving and shipping sea containers or across the road trailers.


15 Machines / Capacity = 30,000 – 45,000 Pieces Per Day – One Shift.

7 – M&R Challengers 14-16 Color Automatics
1 – 10 Color Automatic Press
7 – 6 Color Automatics Presses
2 – 12 Color Automatic Presses
3 – 14 Color Manuel Sample Presses
8 – Dryers
110 – 355 Mesh Screens
180 – Heads of Embroidery Capability


No street defines Manhattan’s Lower East Side like The Bowery does. It’s an amazing history, uniquely located where China Town, Little Italy and SoHo converge, with a checkered past of slums, flophouses, New York City gangs.

The Bowery has inspired great artists, poets, and musicians as well as fashion icons. It’s where CBGBs and the punk rock scene began, and where museums, opera houses and art galleries are today.

The Bowery’s supply of all things creative is limitless and the Bowery Supply Co. artists draw from all of these creative elements. Like the neighborhood itself, this collection will continue to evolve, staying fresh and relevant.Since the gentrification the Bowery has become home to celebrities, socialites, business elite, as well as hipsters and trendsetters. It’s a street where the second oldest mission in NYC still proudly stands, serving meals to the homeless surrounded by high fashion boutiques and multi-million dollar condos.